Kia ora and welcome to Peace Action Wellington!

Peace Action Wellington is a group based in Wellington, New Zealand that works for peace and justice throughout the world, with a special focus on the New Zealand government's involvement in international affairs.

We stand for peace with justice and self-determination.

Peace cannot be achieved by the subjugation of peoples by foreign powers. We are opposed to the endless and counterproductive "War on Terror" - instead, the conditions that drive people to resort to terrorism must be addressed.

Although PAW is an independent organisation with individual membership, it also functions as a united front for groups opposed to unjust war. Members of various left wing political parties, socialist organisations, unions, other groups and anarchists, participate in running PAW. As a broad coalition of diverse people, PAW acknowlegdes and respects the ideological differences of its members, while working towards shared goals.


Contact Us

If you would like to get involved please contact us. Our postal address is Peace Action Wellington PO Box 9263 Wellington, New Zealand